Boss DD-20
NOTE: This pedal is not used by the Edge, but it does a great job of replicating that wonderful modulated delay sound that Edge is so famous for.
DD-20 Digital Delay 2005:

The World's Most Powerful Delay Pedal.

The BOSS DD-20 Giga Delay offers more User memory and the longest delay of any effect pedal—up to 23 seconds! Delay time can be quickly set using the push-button knob or via tap tempo. And with a choice of 11 modes—including new “Smooth” and “Twist” delays and sound-on-sound recording—this Twin Pedal raises the bar for delay effects.

- BOSS' most powerful delay pedal with up to 23 seconds of delay

- 11 delay modes including classic tape delay and sound-on-sound recording

- New “Smooth” and “Twist” modes for subtle or radical delay effects

- Memory function for changing delay modes seamlessly

- New push-button knob for setting delay time in fine or coarse adjustments

Boss-DD20 Demonstration
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