Korg A3

The korg A3 is a multi effect unit made after the sdd series the most powerful effects being its modulation delays and wah effects. Notable users being the edge from U2 using effects from the SPC-01 card on the Actung Baby album mysterious ways, zoo station & The Fly, These cards are very Rare only place in Ireland i have seen this unit still being used with the SPC-01 card is A1R Studios in Mayo Ireland. Most Guitarists use boss effects to create similar sounds but there is defiantly something in the sound quality of the older Korg Units that Attracts serious Guitar Players Radioheads Guitarist Ed O’Brien uses the similar Korg A2 and is also uses the Korg SDD3000. The A3 can be controlled by a dedicated foot controller or by any midi controller. With its numerous effect chains any sound can be created, Effects like Compressor, limiter, Gate, EQ, Exciter, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, X delay, Multi tap Delay, Modulation Delay, Multi tap Chorus, Plate, Hall, Room, Reverbs, Wah, Auto wah, with expression pedal imputs to change numerous parameters.

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